State Fair Wrap Up

20 Oct

With all the attention of the State Fair of Texas being shifted to the loss of BIG TEX due to fire, I am thinking two things:

1.  In my previous post I never really got around to telling you about the Fair food (for those of you that have never been) and —-

2.  Judging by the media coverage of the BIG TEX fire, I didn’t really think about just what impact that ol’ boy had on everyone.  Myself included.   People were genuinely upset and quite sad to see him go.  Even though he will return, people were truly stunned and saddened by it.

Above you will see the number one reason people love the State Fair of Texas.   The beloved FLETCHER’s CORNDOG.  It’s a big-honking-dog that is fried to a crispy-golden-brown.   It’s greasy.  It’s blistering hot.  It’s best served slathered in mustard.   It’s common to see people double-fisting these dogs.   It’s just heaven.

Every year there is also a plethora of other wacky fried foods for sale that are designed to capture your attention and dollar.    Deep-fried-butter,  Deep-fried-bacon, Deep-fried-beer.  You get the idea.

Most of these are interesting – but truth be told I don’t much care for them.   They are never something I would ever want to try again.  Some have even made me sick after one bite.

Enter the DEEP-FRIED-OREO.  It’s so simple.  It’s genius actually.   The frying melts the oreo, so when you bite into it, it’s almost “oreo filling”.   It’s the first thing I have ever had that I would seek out again next year.

Right after I go and see the return of  BIG TEX.


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