BIG TEX-tra Crispy

19 Oct

 I had every intention of talking about BIG TEX and The State Fair of Texas today.   I just went the other night and had a pretty good time.

When I woke up this morning, the news was everywhere.   Big Tex caught fire and burned down in a matter of minutes.   Fair-goers saw smoke coming from his neck and then he just went up like a tinderbox.

Watching live news coverage it was quite interesting to see just how heartfelt this loss was.  Not just to the fair-goers.   The people working and running the fair were genuinely upset.   Most said it felt like a death in the family.

The GOOD news is, within hours of this tragedy – they have already announced  they will rebuilt him and guarantee he will return next year.

I love this declaration-BUT – I hope-hope-hope they rebuild the ol’ boy just like he used to be.   I mean he has been around for 60 years.   He’s an ICON.  A classic.

All too often, when people rebuild – they are tempted to make these changes and ask for updates.    I can clearly envision some guy sitting in the meeting going:

“Hey – let’s make him a blonde with a moustache, that will be cool.  Let’s also get a corporate sponsored Jumbo-tron built into his chest that shows videos!!!!”

I need that guy bound, gagged, and yanked outta the room.   We DO NOT need that.

We need him rebuilt to look as close as possible to the original.


2 Responses to “BIG TEX-tra Crispy”

  1. Bill Chance October 19, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    I actually was never a huge fan of Big Tex – but now I’m so sad. Dallas is short of icons anyway, and now one less. I hope they rebuild him as tacky as he was before – though I could live with fire-retardant clothing.

    • junkfoodcritic October 20, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

      My thoughts exactly. I don’t want some overly slick, sponsored by (insert mobile phone company here). I want him big and rickety and homemade lookin’. Just like always.

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