DORITOS Jacked Chipotle BBQ

15 Oct

Oh, Chipotle, whatever did we do before you?   You have trickled your way into our lives, our dressings, salsas and our cheese sauces.  Someone even named their burrito business after you.

Doritos has also fallen under your siren song.   They have you mixing it up with the likes of “Smoky” and “BBQ” to make the new JACKED chips.

Truth be told, I like these new Doritos.   The actual flavor is sort of mild but I do like the BIGGER and THICKER cut of chip.

The thicker chips seem to not end up as as crumblies in the bottom of the bag.    Love that.

These crunch SOUNDLY as well.    Anything I can do to annoy a friend is a welcome bonus.  These are great for talking on the phone.

THEM:   I was hoping you could lend me…


ME:   Beg pardon?  What’s that you say?



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