REVIEW: Dickey’s BBQ

12 Oct

I know I have passed Dickey’s BBQ a hundred times in my life and I never tried it.   I am so picky (surprise) about my food.  Especially BBQ.   Most BBQ places I absolutely love or hate.   No in-between.

Until now.    As a concept, Dickey’s is a very good idea.  It’s fast-food-BBQ-disguised as a full-service-sit-down-BBQ-restaurant-and-smokehouse.

There are times when I am driving home and some B-Q sounds great.  I don’t have any desire to go to a full-blown restaurant and order this big-honkin-meal-of-meat.   I just want the TASTE of B-Q.   No hassles – just a sammich or something quick.  I got a life to lead.

This is where a place like Dickey’s really shines and I admonish myself for not trying it sooner.    I can pop in and out of there in a handful of minutes with a nice sammich.  Look at that thing.   It’s gorgeous!

The problem comes in decoding the menu.   You can order meat plates with sides or just sammiches.    The bottom line is the price can quickly add up on you.  The sanmich alone was Five bucks and some change if I remember right.  So the sides seemed over priced.  I liked the sammich at five.  I would LOVE it at four bucks.   But I digress….


To the REAL issue at Dickey’s.   The drinks.  I was told by the cashier they only have one size drink.  It comes in a COLLECTOR CUP!  WOO!      It’s a big honkin’ 32 oz hard plastic cup.  No doubt I could use this to hold nails, pocket change,  legos, or even re-purpose it as an actual drinking cup in my everyday life.

The thing is sturdy and great.   It’s also a jumbo banner ad for Dickey’s.   It is instantly recognizable by everyone around here.  So from a marketing standpoint – it’s GENIUS.

As a customer, making me pay two bucks and some change for a soda does one thing:

It GUARANTEES I am not leaving that joint until I drink my body-weight in soda-pop.   

Oh, and I will get a refill to-go as well.   I can get a 2-liter bottle of soda at just about any store for a little over a buck .  99 cents on sale even.   You want me to pay two-something each time?   I could understand if they charged me 5 bucks for the cup, but I got free refills if I brought it back.   Or SOMETHING.   But just 2.50 or whatever a whack is…well…. WHACK!

Drink in hand, I find a table and dig into the chicken sammie.    It’s good.  Nothing life changing or whatever.  It’s great at being what it is.   Fast Q.

AND THEN I SEE IT.   The shiny object that has the focus of the entire restaurant.   The hidden treasure inside Dickey’s.  It’s nothing I saw on the menu.  It’s a complete surprise.


Ok, now we are getting to the nitty and the gritty.   It seems as a thank-you for your patronage, Dickey’s has a small ice cream machine.   Next to it are small (think kid sized) cones.   The concept is simple.  When you are done with dinner, why not have a small cone to polish things off?

This is a great idea and just about makes up for the price thing I was talking about earlier.

UNDERSTAND-  I am obviously not the only person that felt prices might be too high or that the cones were too small.

Person after person would walk to this machine and make a four-inch-high-ice-cream-mountain atop a two-inch cone.

I even saw one guy fill half his empty yellow cup with root beer, walk over, and drop a ton of that ice cream in the cup – instant root beer float.   GIANT root beer float at that.

Necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Turns out, I like this place.   In the space of a year I will probably have enough cups to re-shingle my house.   Make it easier for the pizza-guy to see it.   The year-round-x-mas-lights weren’t very visible from the road.




2 Responses to “REVIEW: Dickey’s BBQ”

  1. Bee February 21, 2016 at 4:02 pm #

    I’ve heard if you keep the cup and bring it back, your drink is free next time… do you know if that is true?

    • junkfoodcritic February 21, 2016 at 6:37 pm #

      Good question Bee, I have never seen anyone ever bring a cup in with them before.

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