11 Oct

After the UH-MAY-ZING! (say that loudly and melodically along with me) burger I had at CHOP HOUSE BURGERS in Arlington, I figured I would go with the hot hand-  and review more burgers.

Around Aggtown, there are tons of burger joints popping up.    One of which is TWISTED ROOT.

TWISTED ROOT TWISTED ROOT TWISTED ROOT.   I have heard NOTHING but high praise reviews of the burger joint originally out of nearby Dallas.

I can’t tell you how many people are dying to drag me to Dallas for some chow-down-ness that is waiting.

So you can imagine how intrigued I was when I heard they were opening one in Arlington.   It’s a closer location and you know I hate bandwagons.   Maybe the one in Arlington would be more low-key.

It’s location – downtown Arlington – is perfect.   That area has needed some new blood for a while now.   I bet with the word-of-mouth about Twisted Root, nearby Gilligan’s is probably worried.   They both have the dive-y vibe to them.

I walk in and love the vibe.  It’s open and roomy and dive-y and reminds me of all the bars I have ever been kicked out of in my life.   It’s got an RV along one wall that doubles as the backdrop for the bar.   It’s a celebration of white trash.

I am digging it.   I can see me raising hell in this joint come basketball playoffs.

I walk up to the counter and order your basic burger and fries.  I am handed my change and a piece of paper with some celebrity name on it.

Again with the “celebrity name” thing?   This is not trendy.  It’s actually kinda goofy and wears thin with the quickness.

I walk around the place and see tons of TVs and along one wall are a bunch of tailgates off some trucks.  The row of benches along that wall are ice chests.  So you are sitting on ice chests instead of stools or booths.  There is also a “pickle bar” with assorted flavors and toppings for your burgers.

I am liking the place.  Quirky and fun.   I am noticing the people I am seeing here do not fit the profile of the decor.  The joint screams bad-ass-roadhouse and is filled mild-mannered-college-kids and their parents.

It’s like a biker bar filled with golfers.

I zone back in as my order is ready and what you see above is what I got.   It was some lukewarm fries and a well done burger.  I don’t mind a well done burger but this one seemed very dry.   In fact, I think the pic above sorta shows everything I was thinking.

I don’t get it.

I mean this is supposed to be “TWISTED ROOT”.   This is THE burger place that was on TV.  The place most DFW media outlets have lavished such praise upon.

It just tasted like a very generic burger.  I have since shared my confusion with a die-hard Twisted Root fan.   He told me I didn’t order the RIGHT burger.   I should’ve had the (insert specialty burger here ).  I didn’t follow that logic.  If you can kick ass on the specialty burger – why not a simple burger?

This was a huge disappointing surprise.  I have no desire to just go on and on because it wasn’t a “bad” burger.  It just wasn’t what I thought it would be.   Did all the hype kill it for me and my high expectations?

Just for comparison, I am going to also visit the original in Dallas and see if it’s all about location, location, location.


in the meantime – call me out below.  Tell me how crazy I am!  You can also join the conversation on URBANSPOON!!
Twisted Root Burger Company on Urbanspoon


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