Soda, Technology, and The Sev

10 Oct

Okay, I am starting to think this soda machine is taking over the world.  I am seeing it everywhere.   I did NOT expect it at The Sev.

(…and the tangent begins….)

THE SEV.   Seven-Eleven.  Got it?  I say SEV alot.  I say “a lot” ALOT.  Just keepin’ you kids hep.

(end of tangent)

I LOVE The Sev.   They have really upped their game lately – Fresher food – more options.  Blah blah blah.

What I have always NOT loved is their sodas.   The syrup blend always seems to be either perfect or very off-balance.   More often than not, it’s the latter.

So when I saw this machine in a Sev, I was filled with hope.   That hope immediately slapped down with reality as the line to get to the machine was getting longer and longer.

People are STILL not able to figure  this machine out.

Minutes later, I finally get there and make my own soda.   And it tastes just like the normal Sev blend.  Uneven.





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