REVIEW: Wild Turkey

9 Oct

 I have actually been to Wild Turkey a few times.   It was a great little place that had some good drinks, fresh food, and a friendly staff.

I say WAS because one of those (fresh food) has changed.  You know my number one rule for falling in love with a restaurant:

RULE ONE:  Make food I CAN NOT make at home.

What I mean is – I can make fried chicken at home, but I can’t make KFC style chicken at home because I don’t have a pressure fryer.    If I want that taste and style I have to go get it at KFC.

NOW-  there are several local restaurants in my area that sell food that tastes like it’s from Sam’s/ Costco.    I have NO problem with Sam’s/Costco.   What I have a problem with is – I can buy that exact same thing and make it at home.  So why go to your place?

Wild Turkey has a wide selection on their menu.  Everything from burgers, fajitas, po’boy sammiches, and more.   It’s seriously stocked with just about everything you would want.

In previous visits everything tasted well grilled, fresh and interesting.   This last trip we had burgers, chicken strips, chips-n-salsa, fajitas, nachos, and a couple of things I can’t remember.

The chicken strips I was especially looking forward to because:  A) I had them before and B) they are freshly cut and made from chicken breast.   Says so right on the menu.

Whereas everyone else’s food seemed fine – not many complaints – just overall “good”.

But what arrived where frozen-bag-of-chicken-strips-from-the-store-chicken tenders.  There wasn’t any special rub or breadding.  Just barely warm tenders on a plate.  It almost looked like a kid’s meal.

So disappointed.  They also used to make their own Kettle-style-chips.  Those are gone as well.

I asked a couple of servers what is new/changed.  Both did not know since they were both new.

So it’s still a great place for a beer, and the staff is still friendly,  but I am concerned when the menu starts changing to lesser quality items.

I am HOPING that this is one of those cases where they just ran out of chicken and was using the kid’s menu tenders or something.

What is your experience?   Tell me below – and join the conversation on URBANSPOON!.
Wild Turkey on Urbanspoon


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