Ghost Wonderful Time of the Year!

8 Oct


Glory!  WOO!   The monster cereals are here!!!

If you have never had these, here is the deal:

Back in the day there was Boo-Berry (blueberry) Frankenberry (strawberry) and Count Chocula (chocolate) flavored cereals.   And they were good….NAY….they were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– and then discontinued…..every damn thing in my life.  I swear…..

ANYWAY –  General Mills got smart a few years back, and brought them back in all their glory for HALLOWEEN.  It’s a genius move.   It’s always an impulse buy.  All three.   I end up eating cereal for most of the month of October.  In the past few years I have crafted some hybrids.  Mainly due to boredom and curiosity.

Boo Berry + Frankenberry =  FrankenBoo.   This is my favorite blend.    It’s the best of both worlds.  Strawberry and Blueberry  together?  Done and Done.

Frankenberry + Count Chocula = Count Frankula – To me, this is kinda like chocolate covered strawberries in cereal form.

Count Chocula + Boo Berry – Count Choco-boo – This is good too, just not my favorite.

When November nears, I start running low on supply.  So it becomes Franken-Chocu-Boo –  all three mixed.

Thankfully stores like Target love to slash prices on seasonal items the day after the holiday.   I can restock for the winter for just about a buck a box at this point.

If you haven’t tried these sweet and crunchy monsters  – you are missing out.

It really is all about the simple things.


FrankenBoo Forever.




2 Responses to “Ghost Wonderful Time of the Year!”

  1. M October 11, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    I seem to recall a 4th cereal in the 70’s monster line-up. Wasn’t there a “Wolfen-Berry” as well? Werewolf mascot of course.

    • junkfoodcritic October 11, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

      M, there were a total of FIVE over the years. The one you are thinking of was called FRUIT BRUTE. He was indeed a werewolf. His cereal was fruit flavored. FRUIT BRUTE was discontinued then revamped and brought back a few years later as YUMMY MUMMY.

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