8 Oct

On a trip to California a couple of years ago, I discovered Pinkberry and loved it.  Upon my return to Texas, I was hard pressed to get anyone to understand just what the hell I was talking about.

“So I had this rad Fro-Yo – Pinkberry…and we need it here…”

“You had a who with a who in the huh?”


Okay flash forward and Dallas is Fro-Yo nutzo.   We have Pinkberry, Red Mango, Orange Cup, Fro-Yo, Yogilicious, Peachberry, and a ton of other joints.   It has taken me MONTHS to achieve the goal— I got all TEN stamps and earned my Free Pinkberry!

I understand this isn’t breaking news- but it is quite a feat for me.   I lose or break things all the time so keeping up with a silly little card is like carrying the egg in high school home-economics class.

I really like these frequent user cards,  because if it’s a place I like, I will kill it quick.  I would imagine these stores love it also, because only a select few can keep up with the stupid card long enough to earn anything.

Free just tastes better sometimes.

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