TASTE TEST: Totino’s Pizza CHIPS

3 Oct

I walked right by this on the shelf at Target and thought:

Why did they leave the pizzas out on the shelf?

That logo is so burned into my brain.  I don’t know any kid that hasn’t had those cheap Totino’s pizza growing up.  And by “had” I mean had about a thousand.

After my double-take, I walked over and discovered these are actually chips.

This is almost too good to be true.   Pizza chips from Totino’s?  Pepperoni flavored?  What kid wouldn’t knock these out bag after bag?

wait.   it says multi-grain.  Uh oh.

Okay, I will not be swayed by the possibility of these being the least bit healthy for me.

I am after taste and nostalgia here kids, and the first thing I notice is the texture.  It’s a little texture-y.   Sorta like a wheat thin, but not really.   My second thought is WOW….these are pepperoni-ish and I can taste some tomato-y and cheese flavoring swirling around in there too.  These are kinda cool!

Then I get a donkey punch of an aftertaste.  These things KICK a ton of sauce around the taste buds.  I am still thinking that these are a plus–and then it hits me-

Totino’s chips – $1.00

Totino’s pizza – $1.00  (even cheaper sometimes)

So why am I eating these again?   For the same price,I can have an actual Totino’s pizza!


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