B.L.T. chips???

26 Sep

Yeah, not super excited to try these.  I mean I LOVE BACON but I am not sure about Lettuce and/or Tomato flavored chips.   I don’t eat BLTs, don’t they usually come with mayo?   I can’t see myself going for a blend of all those flavors in a chip.

I mean what’s next?  Chicken Noodle Soup chips?   That way you can just carry two bags of chips and -boom- you got soup and a sammich for lunch?   Are chips becoming the food pills that The Jetsons cartoon promised I would have one day?

Ok.  I calmed down and opened the bag.   Aside from a mild bacon-y flavor, I am not tasting much more here.   Other than just the potato-y part of the actual chip.

Maybe these just should have been BACON flavored to begin with and kicked up to ULTIMATE BACON or something?

These do nothing but make me want real bacon.


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