Mo Pizza—- Mo Problems

25 Sep

I am not going to even mention the dump I got this pizza from.   I will say it’s in Aggtown.  Northside.  You figure out the rest.

This pizza, mall pizza, and several other pizza places all get their supplies from the same company.  I have had this type of pizza so much that I can tell you this from tasting it.

Some of these joints even stack their giant cans of “pizza sauce” right out in the open where you can see it.

The problem with this is– it’s too easy.  You can find a supplier to give you cheese, sauce, meats, veggies, crust mix, and instructions on how to put it all together.    That is just what happens with these lower end shops.  They buy these kits and open a shop.

I find this a little insulting because I am a die-hard pizza fan.  I love a good crust.  A zesty sauce.  Nice cheese blend.    You have your own business and that’s an opportunity to express yourself and make your own mark on the world with your unique flavor combinations.  I mean – christ -throw some oregano flakes in there or SOMETHING.

If you aren’t even gonna try to sell me something good then I am not going to your place.   Imean even the chain pizza joints at least devised their own recipes and then mass produce them for their stores.

Turn key pizza sucks is what I am trying to say here people.

If I wanted a kit pizza – I would got get the Chef-Boyardee kit and make it myself.  Oh and the Boyardee kit would kick your ass once I was done with it.  Trust and believe.

I mean- look at those slices.  Both have been setting there for who knows how long?  They cleverly try to trick me into thinking it’s fresh by that sprinkle of NEW cheese?



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