The Future of Fast Food?

19 Sep

I am seeing a trend and I am not sure if it’s good or bad.  It’s just happening.   Just go with it, people.

Fast food was designed to compete with restaurants.   That battle continues but the lines are blurring between those two giants.    I see restaurants trying to offer “bites” or “mini” sized (and priced) items — at the same time — drive-thru joints are offering “premium” chicken sandwiches and etc.. that rival in taste and price of the sit-down restaurants they are competing with.

When you can get a 8 dollar chicken sandwich at Chili’s or a 6.50 one at Burger King – who wins?


I see convenience stores starting to really go after the fast food joints.   QT, RaceTrac, and Seven-Eleven all have “grills”  or “food markets” inside gas stations or corner stores.   They offer 24 hour availability and some items are even better deals than you get from a drive-thru value menu.

RaceTrac has .49 cent any-size-drinks.   My last soda at BK was 1.89.  But I can also get a NATHAN’s Hot Dog at RaceTrac?     Kinda tempting.

Seven-Eleven sells by the slice pizza that is just as good as any mall pizza I have had for a buck a slice.   10 bucks and I can buy a whole pizza cooked for me fresh in 90 seconds. 24 hours a day.  Beat that Pizza Hut.

Pizza. Nachos, Breakfast sandwiches, chicken strips, corn dogs, chicken wings, subs, coffee, taquitos – all these stores are just going for it.

I think it’s great because it is forcing the drive-thru joints to stay in the middle with their prices.   This is why you are seeing McDonald’s selling any size drink for a buck.   Or BK ice cream cones for .50 cents.  It’s all to compete for your almighty dollar.

Teenagers hang out at burger joints because it’s a cheap date.   Will we now see them having dates at the Seven-Eleven in the future?    I say maybe.


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