Mazzio’s Garlic Knots

18 Sep

If you read this on any regular basis, you know that MAZZIO’s is one of my favorite places.   Like- of ALL TIME.

A recent trip (there isn’t a Mazzio’s within 2 hours of me so it’s never a quick run to them) brought me by a Mazzio’s and I discovered their new Garlic Knots.

As you can see, these are loaded with spices and bathed in garlic and butter.   They come with a marinara dipping sauce (why would you even consider ranch for this?) and these are a great kick off to your meal.  Very garlicky.   You know I love anything garlicky.

These sort of remind me of the garlic bread they used to have in baskets beside the salad bar.  Those were SO good.

These are available now, but it may be a limited time deal, so use this as an excuse to get back to Mazzio’s!


One Response to “Mazzio’s Garlic Knots”

  1. Julie Selby September 20, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    Hi, Mazzio’s would like to thank you for the awesome write up on our Garlic Knots, what a huge compliment! Mazzio’s appreciates your business and we thank you for being a loyal customer! -Julie Selby

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