TASTE TEST: BK Popcorn Chicken

17 Sep

Burger King is on a RAMPAGE.   They were the #2 burger place forever.   Since losing that title recently to Wendy’s–  BK has rolled out new menus every few months with specialty items.

I had and loved their Parmesan Chicken Sandwich here.

Now I am kickin’ their popcorn chicken.  As a rule, I like popcorn chicken-chicken tenders-hell-anything-chicken.

Just about everyplace has some sort of chicken bites now.   I gotta give BK some props here because it’s not just gristle.  There are some little pieces sure, but for the most part,  those were some nugget-almost-tender-sized pieces in that container.

The chicken was lightly breaded and tender.   Very nice and just a touch different in flavor than the chicken strips I reviewed here.

Now put these things in that BK- ROASTED JALAPENO BBQ SAUCE that I LOVE?  Well– then you got something there!

This is a great little snack sized treat.   And again.  Good GOD do I love that BBQ sauce.


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