CHILI’s – what happened???

11 Sep


For years Chili’s has been known around the DFW as a great little burger restaurant.   Lotta fun times have been had there by me and the gang.

They are known for their burgers, hot wings, and BABY BACK RIBS! (bah-buh-cue sauce!!!!–sing along if you know the jingle)

I was there last night and could not have been less impressed.  It had nothing to do with service or menu choices.  They have all kinds of stuff.   Their LAVA cake?  FANTASTIC.

What bugged me is the quality of what I am getting.   Pictured is their boneless buffalo wings.  Super salty.  Weak sauce.  Chips and Salsa is also all salt and not flavor.  Fajitas that come with horribly cheap-store-bought-tasting-tortillas.  I am getting tired of restaurants that don’t even try anymore.

More and more I am seeing menus change.   Portion sizes change.  Flavors getting more and more bland and generic.   Especially when it comes to chain restaurants.  Short cuts are afoot.

“So don’t go to chain restaurants”  —  I can hear your response.  This rant is more about how something that was good at one point (I am talking to you Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Bennigan’s, TGIFriday’s, Cheddar’s, Denny’s….I can go on and on) that for whatever reason has decided to ditch quality AND still expect brand loyalty.

That ends here.


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