TASTE TEST: Del Taco burger

6 Sep

I don’t get all crazy for Drive-thru mexican food.   You have read about my Taco Bell troubles here – so there is a history.

But I have heard from SEVERAL people who Del Taco is different.  They tell me Del has a secret weapon on the menu.

A great little hamburger.

So, as fate would have it, there is a new Del Taco by a friend’s house so we went.  They all ordered you typical things – tacos, nachos, etc…  I had the cheeseburger.

And you know what?  It wasn’t bad.  It was actually pretty good considering where it’s from.    It tastes very much like the small cheeseburger you would get at BURGER KING.  I like those and I am loving this too.  What a great little find.   I am not near Del Taco normally, but when I am, I know what I am getting.


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