TASTE TEST – Girl Scout Cookie Bars

30 Aug

The marketing chick in charge over at the GIRL SCOUTS organization has been swinging for the fences for the last year or so.

You read about the Girl Scout Ice Cream here and now they have these cookie bars based on the top three flavors:

THIN MINT –  These have a light chocolate wafer with hints of that mint you expect.   It’s pretty good.  I am not even a fan of the Thin Mints cookies and I would have these again.

CARAMEL & COCONUT –  These are based of the SAMOAS or Caramel dee-lites —what hell?  They are SAMOAS.  Stop calling them Caramel dee-lites.   It’s SAMOAS.  Case closed.   –  Anyway these are very good.  Nice blend of the caramel and coconut.   Another score!

and the third one is the PEANUT BUTTER CREME –  These are also good, but they taste like “Nutty Buddy” that you get from Little Debbie.  It’s just a wafer stick-stacked with PB and covered with chocolate.  Simple and good, but is so much like something I have had before that it’s a bit of a let down.  Still good though.  Just generic compared to the other two.

So what’s next?  Pasta sauce?   Girl Scout cheeseburgers?   I am waiting…


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