SONIC has some CLASS

28 Aug

The other day I slid into the local Sonic for a Burger and they messed up the order.   I was only ten feet out of  the drive thru (this Sonic has a drive-thru in addition to having car hops) before noticing they got it wrong.

I circled back and brought all this to their attention and when the cashier brought back a fresh bag of correct food — He also slipped me this coin.

You might not be able to tell by the photo, but this is a HEAVY “chip”.   Like you get in a casino.   It’s good for a free drink.    Just their way of saying “oops…sorry let’s make this up to ya.”

I REALLY like this.   Not just because it’s something FREE.  But Sonic took the time to have these made.  Like I said, it has some HEFT to it.   It’s not just some paper coupon.   I think this is just classy and cool.   So cool, I will probably just keep it.   It’s a nice reminder that some places do actually care about their customers.

Okay– actually I am just going to take it to Vegas and see if I can convince them it’s a Million Dollar Chip.


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