23 Aug

TRIP ONE: Saturday 11:55 am. I am trying these KFC bites for the first time. They are tender, lightly breaded, moist and tasty. I haven’t been to KFC in a while, so this could bring me back on a regular basis. These things give Chick-fil-a nuggets a run for their money!!!!

TRIP TWO: Sunday 1:17 pm – I am pulling out of the drive and popping these bad boys into the huge tub of BBQ sauce they give you. These things are super hot and fresh from the oven(fryer?) KFC is on to something with these. I am liking the consistency!!!! (See pic!!!)

TRIP THREE: Monday 7:32pm – I have pulled over at the KFC/Taco Bell hybrid store to open my order.

What the hell??? These things are at least three shades darker than the last ones. They are solid and tough. They are excessively chewy and gross. I am not eating these.

Now I am confused. Is it because I went to a Taco Bell / KFC? Was I wrong to think they could make them the exact same way as the KFC stand alone stores? Was I about to relive the nightmare from my previous Taco Bell experience all over again???

This one trip has blown the whole curve and almost erased my fond memories from the previous trip.

If I have these again it will be at a stand alone KFC. All will be riding on that order my friends. Stay tuned!!


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