Taste Test : CRAB CHIPS

22 Aug

Aside from only dating world-famous supermodels and having tons of money delivered to me via dump truck – One of the coolest things I get is — mail.

I have friends that live all over the world. They are constantly sending me things like Strawberry Kit Kats. OMG – Japanese Strawberry Kit Kats – I will come back to this one day soon I promise.

As it turns out, my mailbox was stuffed with treats courtesy of my friend in Washington. She was dedicated to finding me something I had never tried before.

And she knocked it out of the park.

Now I gotta be honest, I don’t eat much crab, so I had no idea what i was in for. Expecting these babies to taste like fish sticks or something.

Oh and then I actually READ the bag. it’s NOT crab chips but rather chips that use the same seasoning as Chesapeake Bay Crab.

That seasoning turned out to be a blend utilizing “Old Bay”. A pretty hard seasoning to find for me here in Texas.

Shut up and how do they taste?

They are so unique and well– addictive! They aren’t too spicy or too mild. They have just enough flavor lift to keep you grabbing small handfuls. Then graduating to bigger handfuls.

They aren’t like anything I have ever had. I carried this bag around with me for two days and pitched them to everyone.

That look of something new and unexpected was fun. Everyone took something different away from it but nobody could eat just one.

Sorry Lay’s, but these gotcha beat.

A cool find and great idea!  Special thanks to “A.M.” for the find and surprise.

Oh, and if you find these in your area, scoop up a bag. I bet you’ll like’em and probably make them a fun alternative to your boring ol’ potato chips.


3 Responses to “Taste Test : CRAB CHIPS”

  1. Hurrdurr August 25, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    Is this for real? You can get Old Bay at just about any grocery store in Texas. Check around the seafood section. Also, Central Market has carried Utz crab chips for at least 2-3 years. They are great chips, though. Also, their plain ridge chips are far and away the best I’ve had of that style (Ruffles, etc.)

    • junkfoodcritic August 25, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

      Thanks for the comments Hurrdurr! I have looked lightly for Old Bay, and my nearby markets (Kroger/Albertson’s) didn’t carry it and had no idea what I was speaking of. So I kind of forgot about it until this chips arrived.

      I am not close to a Central Market, so I could be missing the Utz Crab Chips at that location.

      You give me new places to check – so thanks again!!


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    […] is the word.   The word for flavor evidently.   You read about the CRAB CHIPS here – well now I discovered that UTZ also makes one jumbo sized KEG of cheese […]

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