Colonel size buffet ???

16 Aug

This is a billboard doing it’s job.  I had to stop and circle back around just to make sure.   It seems some KFC locations have a buffet.   No.  seriously.


I am surprised too.  Surprised that the parking lot was not filled with people asking for biscuits by the dozen.   People were not lined up to stuff themselves full of those eleven herbs and spices.

Lord, never let me pass this place hammered and hungry.


One Response to “Colonel size buffet ???”

  1. Hurrdurr August 25, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    I can remember a time when a good amount of KFC’s had buffet’s, esp. in smaller towns. Also, while in college, I remember the Popeye’s in San Marcos having a buffet. I killed that damn thing. Literally, two weeks (and at least five trips) after arriving in San Marcos, they closed the buffet.

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