7 Aug

I am like two days late on this update. Ooops.

Hopefully you have kept up with the mishap that was my first trip to GO LOCO.

Despite the setback, I had this feeling that the comedy of errors I witnessed the first time was based more on the craziness of an opening day – and not based on a place that just didn’t run well.

Turns out – I was right —   I got this word from GO LOCO District Supervisor Julian Z. :

 I want to apologize to you and to anyone who came during last weeks training thinking that the restaurant was open.   We are still working on getting our website up and running, but it will soon be working. I do invite you to visit us at our Go Loco Facebook page at:

One more time I do apologize for the inconvenience last week and we will love to see you at our location anytime this week.

I edited his response because it was very detailed.  You can read the full thing on the comments on the original story here.   I loved how honest and open he was about their opening day(s).

I posted the highlights because it’s this type of response that gives me hope for all restaurants.   I have never had the pleasure of meeting Julian, but for him to write back and explain (they had an INSANE opening weekend as it turns out – lots of charity things -donating and giving away free food) so when I showed up it just couldn’t have been a worse time for a “critic” to show up.   AFTER all the good stuff happening and the crew was exhausted and closed for a bit to reset.

I totally get it, and I thank Mr. Z. for the letter and hope you readers that were turned away that day will return and give it a second chance.

As you can see from the pic above, I did return.  Before I got the email from Mr. Z.    I was taken care of very quickly, and my food was hot and fresh.   There were still a few bugs to work out (they had way too many employees -13 I counted – all trying to make my 2 tacos.   Bit of overkill.   But I get it.   They had to prepare for the possibility of an onslaught of people.

That aside, I open the conversation to all of you.   I believe GO LOCO has alot of potential.  They are making uniquely blended food flavors in their tacos, salsas, etc…  It’s so different from the other tacos (bell, del, and bueno) that I think it will take at least a couple of more trips to finalize my opinion.

So stay tuned – and check them out –



5 Responses to “UPDATE: GO LOCO”

  1. Julian Z August 8, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Thank you very much for giving us a second chance, I knew you wouldn’t be disappointed. At Go Loco as you said, we have an unique flavor on our meats, salsas and relishes. What we are trying is create a very authentic Mexican experience that we felt really wasn’t available in a lot of communities in Texas and in the United States. Our goal this year is to Open 5 locations ( Alvarado, Grand Prairie, Burleson, Crowley and Dallas) and 25 more by next year. The ultimate goal is 150 Go Locos, with each restaurant located near major highways to cater to travelers.
    Tomorrow, August 9th, we will have our “Ribbon Cutting’ celebration with the help of the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce and it will be a pleasure to have you there. The time is 11am -12pm.
    Once again, we thanked you for your time and understanding, and for the people who haven’t visit us yet, we want to invite them to come and check us out!!!

    Julian Zorrilla
    District Supervisor

  2. Steven Strother Jr. August 8, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    I live here in Alvarado and I was there on opening day at Go Loco, it wasn’t as crazy as there promotion and charity days, it was actually real slow with business. I can eat just about any type of Mexican food, and I thought the food was good, my wife and daughter were not to impressed, and the prices were pricy if you ask me. Alvarado will soon have a Taco Bell within walking distance of Go Loco. When it opens, I don’t expect to see Go Loco there very long. Other residents here have said they would not go back to Go Loco for any reason, and people around here have wanted a Taco Bell for years. Now that one is coming, I honestly don’t see how they will be able to compete with Taco Bell being literally within 50 feet of Go Loco. I went by there today around 3pm and I saw no one in there at all, and it’s just my opinion but I really don’t see them staying around here that long after Taco Bell is open.

    • Julian Zorrilla August 13, 2012 at 11:25 am #

      Hi Steven,

      we really appreciate the feedback. We are aware of the challenges we will be facing when Taco Bell opens up, but we also know we have great food items and flavors that people won’t find at any other place. We have a wonderful team that provides excellent Customer Service and a great envoriment for our customers. That is very hard to find this days at any Fast Food restaurant. It is easy to find low prices, but it not easy to find people that cares for their customers or good food.
      Steven, I am not sure when was the last time you visited our restaurant in Alvarado, but since day one, we have made lots of changes to our menu and prices. We heard what the customers were asking and we made the changes. Our tacos are a $1.59 and the full size 3 tacos is $4.29, we create a Loco Combo that is affordable to our customers pockets.
      Go Loco has what many fast food chains don’t have, and that is, that we listen to our customers. All the requests, we got from our customers since we open, we took in consideration and we made the changes!!
      Once again, we really appreciate the feedback, and we will continue to be there for our customers.

  3. yesteach August 8, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    I LOVE Go Loco. I have given up McDonald’s and Sonic – my new breakfast stop is Go Loco! Breakfast tacos with chorizo and some of the best coffee around! I love the dinner menu also, but their breakfast menu is my delight. I love breakfast, and having food that is fresh and made to order, beats the heck out of the competition! Alvarado is my morning store on my way to school… anxiously awaiting the opening in Burleson, as that’s my route home! 🙂

    • Julian Zorrilla August 13, 2012 at 11:38 am #

      Hi yesteach,

      we are very happy to be there to serve you. Like you said; our food is made fresh from start to end. Our salsas, relish, guacamole, and entrees are made in the store. We love to give our customers the best quality of food. If you walk in our restaurant, you will be able to watch LIVE, how we prep our products, starting with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, etc. We love to show our customers, that everything they eat at Go Loco, is fresh and made with love!!!
      We want to thank you for your support and we are going to be very happy to have you come to our new location in Burleson when it opens, September 10th.
      Visit us at and “Like” us. We will continue updating our Facebook page with more information about Burleson Training week, events, sampling day and grand opening.

      Once again, we want to thank you for your support and hope to see you in Burleson!!!

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