Go LOCO – and go home hungry

4 Aug

Stopping for gas sometimes is a good thing. You discover new things in the convenient store or even a new restaurant.

GO LOCO – is a taco place that is off to a bit of a stumble it seems.

There are signs EVERYWHERE saying NOW OPEN. You can clearly see people inside the restaurant with workshirts on. But the doors are locked and the drive-thru is not working either.

I figured maybe they just aren’t open YET- so I check the clock and they actually should have opened hours ago. So what’s the deal?

I found one of the workers, and it seems that they opened early to give away free breakfasts to help spread the word.

And then promptly closed.

I couldn’t get a straight answer as to when the place is open “for reals”.

This location is a large – gas station oasis type place with lots of pumps, a car wash, lube center, and gets HIGH traffic volume.

In the meantime, I am seeing car after car pull into the drive-thru. I am seeing person after person pull up, get out, and walk to the doors that are locked. They are checking several doors and then giving up and walking away.

There are employees not ten feet away from the door just sitting at tables and talking.

Are they in training? Are they prepping for opening later?

Can’t someone find a printer or at least pen/paper and write a “not open until…” sign?

Is that so difficult?

Do they not see (I counted 20 people in the few minutes I was there) that they are watching money just walk away?

It seems like a plan destined to turn some people off to future return visits.

This all strikes me strange as I know the people involved in this venture have had previous success with Blue Mesa Grill, TNT Tacos, and Q’doba.

Even the website http://www.goloco.com doesn’t even work – so I can’t even see or read about what type of food I am missing out on at this point.

Maybe it’s just one of those crazy days?

…stay tuned…

One Response to “Go LOCO – and go home hungry”

  1. Julian Z August 6, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

    I am sorry you had such a bad experience when you came to our location in Grand Prairie. Believe me, the last thing we want is to watch money walk away.
    Last week, we were doing our Crew Training week and we were still not open for business, “even though our signs said Now Open”. We are very sorry, just bad planning. Last Thursday night, we had our “Family & Friends night”, we passed out invitation to the community and we serve free food from 5-8pm, to anyone who walked in at that time. We had an incredible turn out. Over 600 people showed up. We also did small community events on Friday morning, and Saturday morning, where we were giving food away at no price to the community. Saturday we opened back up at 5pm and did our “Corn for a Cause event” where we do charge full price and donate a percentage amount of those sales to a Charity Association locally. So this are all the events we run a week before we open a Go Loco, our next Go Loco to open up soon, will be located in Burleson TX, next month.
    I want to apologize to you and to anyone who came during last weeks training thinking that the restaurant was open. And to make it up to you, I want to invite you this week to come and try our delicious food at our Mayfield Location in Grand Prairie.
    I will be more than happy to serve you and I will add to your food a Refreshing Flavorful Limonada from our menu at no charge!

    We are still working on getting our website up and running, but it will soon be working. I do invite you to visit us at our Go Loco Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Go-Loco-Alvarado/216197005131847

    One more time I do apologize for the inconvenience last week and we will love to see your at our location anytime this week.
    Our hours of Operation are:
    Sunday- Thursday: 6am to 11pm
    Friday- Saturday: 6am to Midnight

    We really appreciate your feedback.

    Julian Z
    District Supervisor

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