TACO Something Part TWO

1 Aug

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  The headline says TACO, and that picture is clearly a PIZZA.

Give me a chance.  If you read Taco Something Part One (found here) then you know I was in the middle of having a bad time at Taco Bell.   My chicken taco was a soggy mess.   I was furious and had just decided to eat nothing and wait for my friend to finish her meal.

She wouldn’t stand for this – so she made off like she was getting a refill and decided to order me a pizza instead.  I watched her turn to me and roll her eyes as she was walking back.   I didn’t know she had ordered something.  I figured she was just asking them something.

This Taco Bell is a hybrid – Taco Bell / Pizza Hut– turns out – she ordered the pizza and was told it was going to take SEVEN minutes to cook.  So she reluctantly agreed and rejoined me at our table.

Ten minutes (I am a jerk – I timed it – what?  I was already in a mood at this point).  I slide out some breadsticks and pizza box from  the bag and hope this dinner can be salvaged.

The Sauce that came with the breadsticks is the classic Pizza Hut sauce.  It tasted just like I remember it.   The breadsticks were rather dry and “old” tasting.   I guess they were also waiting on the pizza like I was.

The pan pizza itself was a little bready,chewy, and greasy.  I ate half and slid it and the other two breadsticks into the bag.   At this point I wanted out of there.

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to catch a break in this place.

-soggy food—-refund problems—-just bad pizza that I had to wait ten minutes for —— what else could go wrong?

And this story STILL isn’t over —  the THIRD and final part coming soon!


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