31 Jul

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ROLO.   It’s simpe.  It’s classic.  It’s elegent.  It’s classy.   If for some reason, you have never had Rolo, it is a caramel filled chocolate bite.

Now doubt you have had chocolates for Valentine’s Day – well this is a “roll” of them for eating on the go.  They aren’t decorated to impress, they are built for holding massive amounts of caramel.

I would put these up against most “box of chocolates” I have had.   With just two ingredients, they really just nailed these.  You get enough chocolate to saftisfy cravings, but the caramel swirling into each chew makes you think you are eating a much more expensive treat.

ROLO used to have an ad campaign promoting the candy as being so good, you would want to share it with a friend.

Seriously.  You won’t.  You will want all these to yourself.   So walk past the over priced box of chocolates and get these.  You will be satisfied.


One Response to “CANDY COUNTER: Rolo”

  1. sweetaddict August 1, 2012 at 10:08 pm #

    So true, Rolos are a candy hero…

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