PIZZA WARS 2: Pizza Inn vs. Pie Five

30 Jul

In the previous PIZZA WAR, Pizza War 1, It was Pie Five vs. Top That Pizza.    But after that epic battle took place, a notion of genius struck.

Yeah, it only happens once in a lifetime.

My theory is simple:   If Pie Five is a spin-off of Pizza Inn, why not have these brothers battle!?!?!

At Pie Five you can get a thick or  thin –  9 inch pie with your choice of toppings (this last trip I got a STAGGERING SEVEN pepperoni …..versus the usual five on my pie) for 6.95 plus tax.  Wait time is about five minutes.

BUT… at Pizza Inn, you can get a 10 inch (I know it’s only an inch..but still) one topping pie for 6.99 plus tax.   Wait time is abut ten minutes.

HOLD ON!!!!  I know what you are thinking.  Pive Five is giving you several toppings vs paying for extra toppings on your Pizza Inn pie.

YOU ARE CORRECT — except the fact that if you look closely – Pive Five is on the RIGHT.  The BEEF topping on the Pizza Inn pizza is almost three times as big as the beef on the Pie Five version.   This appears to be a recent change compared to the last few times I went there.  So it seems P5 is scaling back on the size of certain toppings.

The crust on the Pizza Inn is that classic, crispy, crackery, crunch that I have known and loved for years.   Pie Five also has a thin crust.  The same thin crust — only THINNER.  Yeah, I didn’t think it was possibe either.

But in terms of cheese and sauce, I  think they are remarkably close in taste.   So it could very well be the same in both places.

Add a drink to lunch at either place is almost two bucks (for a large) so we are looking at almost the same price at both places for a lunch.

But I found the Pizza Inn pizza to have more cheese, and was a bit better in terms of fresh taste.  It even has some heft to it for a single topping.

I was a fan of Pie Five early on – I was at the closest location on opening day – so I was very supportive.  But I am always wondering in the back of my mind why Pizza Inn would spend the time, money, and effort creating a whole new concept – complete with a different name–  but basically the same recipes?

I know several people that don’t care for Pizza Inn.   Personally I like them alot, but they do sometimes have problems with consistency.   Some locations are better than others.

I would have personally loved to have seen Pizza Inn do what Domino’s did a few years ago.  Blast us with a series of commercials saying “hey…we are listening to you guys and we are changing our reputation”!!!    Remodel and update the stores.  Do promotions like crazy to shake this un-deserved reputation.   Don’t just let the brand you have spent YEARS building to just diminish in favor of a hip and trendy substitute.

Pizza War 2 Winner:  Pizza Inn.   I will wait the extra five minutes for a better quality pie from a place that deserves a renewal.  A second chance.  I side with the Underdog.


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