26 Jul

Let me be CLEAR.   I am a BOLD taste lover.   I love garlic.  I love Parmesan.

But I have to be honest.  These crackers took me to the mat.   And I tapped out.

These small crackers hit like a five-pound sledge.  The crunch is great and I am thinking of making a bread crumb breadding out of them.

But as a snack, I can’t have more than a couple of handfuls.   I am telling you that these are IN YOUR FACE.  It’s like putting a clove of real garlic on a spoonful of parm cheese and eating it.   It’s fantastic at first and then overpowering.

This is actually a positive I think because it means I can’t just sit and go through a box in one sitting.  These puppies will last.

So I challenge all you out there that are made of sterner stuff than I.   Try these and see if you can satisfy your cravings.  My money is on these crackers drop-kicking you into submission.


One Response to “TASTE TEST: JINGOS crackers”

  1. Bob Harrison September 27, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    tried the Cheese flavor, don’t like them. Give me “Cheese Its” any time over these. They taste like Saltines with pepperrica on them. (way to much like bread, or oyster crackers)

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