TASTE TEST: Dark Berry Mountain Dew

25 Jul

I’m Batman….I’m Batman….I’m thirsty….

I loved the latest Batman movies, but Christian Bale’s “Bat-voice” was always kinda funny to me.

That aside, fighting crime works up a superhero sized thirst.    So what does a caped crusader do to quash such a drought in his mouth?

Well if you are The Batman, you don’t just walk into a store and pick up a soda.

No, you go to a soda company and say “I’m Batman….I need my own soda.”

At least that is how I am thinking it happened.   Anyway- Mountain Dew has released the Batman inspired DARK BERRY flavor of MTN DEW.

It looks quite dark in the bottle, and the second I opened it I caught a whiff of berry flavor.

As I poured the drink over ice, what I thought was a dark purple, suddenly looked super-electric-bluish.

The Taste?  It’s a very bold straw….blu…blac…..cherr…..rasp…hell I don’t know.  It must be EVERY-BERRY because it’s all over the place with berry-ness.

It actually reminded me of BOO BERRY cereal or the LOUIE BLOO-RASPBERRY Otter Pop — both of which I love.

It’s super sweet and powerfully berry-yyyy.  Think melted slurpee.  Yeah that’s it.

In fact I may use this next time I make a snow cone – that would ROCK!!!

It’s probably only around while the movie is out – so hop in your own person-mobile and drink it while you can!


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