REVIEW: Grimaldi’s Pizza

24 Jul

Unless I am completely knocked out by a place, I try and eat there three times before I review it.   Once is a fluke.  Twice is a trend.  Third time is certified goodness.

Grimaldi’s pizza has been here for a couple of years now and it is a legendary name in pizza.

If you compare pizza to the mafia, think of Grimaldi’s as being one of the “five families” of pizza.   The best of the best in terms of reputation.  They are originally from New York where a few places used coal burning ovens to give their pies a distinct char and flavor.

So when I heard Grimaldi’s was expanding into Dallas I was beside myself.  I couldn’t wait.  I was there twice during the first week they opened.   I was very excited.  I haven’t had true New York pizza in quite awhile.

I think that maybe where I get off track with this pizza.   Don’t get me wrong, the flavors are light, tasty, and blend well.  But I found the crust limp and almost chewy and the cheese also chewy.   Above is the pie I got to go recently and it was the same consistency as my previous dine-in experiences.

Now I am not certain if they let it cool too long before boxing it up and bringing it to me or what.  That pic was taken as soon as I got to the car.  Not even two minutes after getting it.   But for some reason this pizza seems to cool rather fast.  The less warm it is, the more chewy it becomes.

This is kinda frustrating too because the first time I had it I was over  the moon.  The cheese and tomato sauce were in perfect sync.  The crust was forgiving and tender.  So it leaves me confused.

I got it to go, because I do love the layout and atmosphere of Grimaldi’s, but the few times I did dine in, I found the service to be rather inattentive and not friendly.

Despite this, I am not ready to just give up on this place or say don’t go there.   It’s worth going.   They use quality ingredients and have spent alot of time and money on that coal oven (which is not allowed by most cities) so you know they have a commitment to creating something worthy of your money.

So give them a try and let me know what you think.  Join me on Urbanspoon as well and share your own experiences!!
Grimaldi's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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