CANDY COUNTER: Chewy Lemonhead

24 Jul

So I have lived a perfectly comfortable life loving regular ol’ lemondheads.   They are classic and that sweet -super-tart flavor has kept me quite content.

Then here comes ol’ Lemonhead with a bunch of his friends….and Lemon has gotten soft in his old age.

These chewy versions are just as flavorful and addictive.  Let me say that again.  Addictive.  Honestly.  This box shown was one of those big sized boxes and I found myself halfway through the box before I realized it.

The kicker here is that Lemonhead has a TON of friends.  The one above is your basic fruit flavors.   But he also has a wonderful group of Tropical and Very Berry friends that are just as…if not MORE addictive than the basic boys.

I found all varieties at Walmart, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree (where they are only a dollar…best deal!)    Over the past month these have become my favorite fruit candy.   Go getcha some.


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