PIZZA WARS: Pie Five vs. Top That Pizza !

23 Jul

I have reviewed PIE FIVE here and TOP THAT PIZZA here so it seemed like a no-brainer to let these two places – since they are very similar – go at it in my new feature — PIZZA WARS – where I throw pizza joints into battle against each other.

A couple of years back, a company developed a compact and high speed pizza oven.   This small and quick oven got alot of attention in the pizza world and lead to the creation of a whole new pizza industry.  The fast casual pizza.    Think Subway/Chipotle/Potbelly’s and all the other quick cook fast restaurants – now with quick serve pizzas.

This is pretty revolutionary to pizza makers since it allows them to serve faster and compete with the ever growing sandwich/burger places.

TOP THAT PIZZA was one of the first to build their concept around it and it has been pretty successful for them in Oklahoma and they have branched out into Texas.

PIE FIVE (a new concept from Pizza Inn) has also taken to this concept and have popped up several locations across the DFW inside the last year.    Also having success.

But in terms of food quality and value – It’s a question you really have to ask yourself.  You opinion may vary from mine.

In the above picture – Pie Five is on the left – Top That is on the right.

To my tastes, the toppings are fresher and of higher quality on the Top That pie.  The Pie Five  pizza had a total of FIVE pepperoni on the whole pizza (is this the FIVE part of their name?) compared the piled high toppings on the Top That order.

So I like Top That – it has flavor and freshness – but since I am also a fan of Pizza Inn (and Pie Five tastes just like it because it IS essentially Pizza Inn in a different form) it becomes another issue.

When I think about 7-8 dollars for a pizza, and both places charge almost 2 bucks for a soda – I am looking at almost 10 bucks for lunch/dinner.

I know there is a convenience factor here because the pies are done in a matter of minutes and I don’t have to wait – but when you consider I can get a Large pizza for 6 bucks at Little Caesar’s —-  or a pizza, breadsticks, and dessert sticks in the Pizza Hut “10 dollar box”…. or even a large pizza for 7.99 from Domino’s any Monday-Tuesday-or Wednesday —–not to mention Cici’s, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn and all the other pizza buffets under 10 bucks…. you gotta wonder just how affordable is this?

So Pizza War 1 ends here:  Victory to:  TOP THAT PIZZA.  I mean if you are gonna slurge on a mini pizza for lunch/dinner then make it a great one – loaded with fresh toppings and more than 5 pepperoni….(I can’t get my head around that…five pepperonis….doesn’t that look like a paltry amount to them as they are building that pizza?)


3 Responses to “PIZZA WARS: Pie Five vs. Top That Pizza !”

  1. Steve July 26, 2012 at 1:24 pm #

    The Pie 5 pizza looks like someone threw up in a box!

  2. opie August 19, 2012 at 10:03 pm #

    why not get both pizzas with the same toppings……it looks like P5 has meats, and Top That has veggies, which are cheaper for the chain to put on the pizza. If you let me pile on peppers and onions, I will also pile them on. I will say that 5 pep is too low, but how can you compare two pizzas that are made to different standards?

    Do you work for top that?

    • junkfoodcritic August 20, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

      Good eye Opie. Actually I did get the exact same pies at both (actually ordered two pies at Top That). But when they assemble the pie at Top That they put the pepperoni under the cheese, and beef on top. So when it came out of the oven, you couldn’t see pepperoni and the pictures reflected that. So I chose the best pictures from all that were taken to show the most details, similiarities, and differences.

      Thanks for reading.

      oh, and NO, I don’t work for Top That.

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