CANDY COUNTER: The Classics v.1

18 Jul

Sometimes you just want the classic.  I was standing in a store looking down the candy aisle.   Didn’t want chocolate.   No to peanut butter.  I wanted fruit flavors but not chewy like Starburst or Skittles.   I just stood there for a second and had pretty much given up.

I was on my out of this aisle, and on the upper corner… a spot I hardly ever looked at before is Lifesavers.   The original fruit flavors:  CHERRY – RASPBERRY-WATERMELON-ORANGE-PINEAPPLE.  All flavorful from first taste to last.  Hard-candy, sweet, and a solid crunch if I want it.   I am instantly reminded – or more like asking myself – when have I had these last?   I couldn’t remember so that in and of itself was worth the purchase.    These are timeless treats that have been around forever and it’s easy to see why.   It’s simple and hard to beat.

Hello again, Lifesavers.   I forgot how much I missed ya.


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