15 Jul

FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD has some new additions to their chip line.

BBQ Sweet Potato chips sounds like an automatic home run. The “sweet potato” thing is going crazy in the fast food world so these seem like a natural thing.

They are kettle style chips with tomato, molasses, garlic, onion, and vinegar.

Now I have made several BBQ sauces in the past so that flavor mix sounds yummy.

After ripping into these, I notice something a bit off. The flavors are strong and they have a very molasses-y middle and after taste.

I love strong flavors, but it’s the the texture of the chips that have me puzzled. These are kettle chips but they aren’t hard and crunchy like I expected. They arer somewhat crispy, but they are also sort of tender and soft in the middle. Weird.

Truth be told, I could just have ended up with a bad bag, but I just couldn’t get around that texture. I was looking forward to adding to my faves list..but alas….


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