COOKIE MONSTER gets his groove back!!

11 Jul

I have to admit, I have watched this video about a dozen times already.  It makes me very happy to see Cookie Monster doing his thing.

I can remember a time, over the past year or so, that CM (his close friends call him CM…he prefers I call him CM….) was scarce around the streets of Sesame.   The articles and videos about how he promoted anti-healthy eating habits and I imagine a ton of pressure to make him more Politically Correct was rising fast.

One moment in particular I remember is where they interview CM about food.  He was saying things like “cookie is good sometime treat.  Not all time food.”   ….followed by the obligatory showing of fruits and vegetables.

HUH?!?!?!?!…..  are they actually TRYING to turn him into the VEGGIE MONSTER?  Am I watching them cut his balls off right before my very eyes?????

I can’t stand political correctness because it usually goes overboard.

I mean COME ON PEOPLE…..what kid watches Sesame Street and doesn’t understand Cookie Monster is a Muppet and that he is special?  Maybe he is genetically structured to subsist only on cookies?  What if they ARE nutritional…to his “monster” system?

I mean it’s unrealistic to think that kids sit there and plan on being Cookie Monster when they…grow……up……hold please…..

….ok it seems “I” had every intention of growing up to be Cookie Monster until the tender age of 18, so I see your point.  But see…?  I got over it.

So when this video hit, I was assuming it was gonna be pretty lame.

WRONG!   It’s clever, funny, sneaks in healthy eating (get the skim milk??…ok…I’m fine with that) but best of all…. it allows CM to be COOKIE MONSTER!!!!!

I mean– at the end he goes crazy-go-nuts and eats every damn cookie on the screen in a whirlwind gesture that seems to shoot the finger right in the face healthy eating and political correctness. I love it.

For the love of Mr. Hooper…LEAVE SESAME STREET ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

Viva La REAL Cookie Monster.   We all missed the hell outta you, son!


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