6 Jul

Truth be told, I don’t much enjoy the Grapevine Mills Mall.  It’s essentially a giant donut, and I feel like I am always lost or walking by the same stores over and over.

BUT— Gravevine Mills has LEGOLAND (which is awesome for kids…and me) and they have a pretty large and variety packed food court.     Ahh….the foud court.  The heart and soul of every good mall in America.

As it happens, I  was leaving LEGOLAND and noticed ChickeNow and was like …what is that?   I figured it was your basic independent chicken house.  But as I got closer I could make out the subtitle on the sign—  “NO BONES.  NO BULL.  THE WORLD’S BEST TENDERS”.

Well- who am I to walk away from that???     So I walked over to order ya basic combo and waited.   And waited.  There wasn’t a line, and I wasn’t even sure if anyone worked there because I never saw anyone.  I could hear rumblings from the back and finally this nice lady walks out and takes my order.

She disappears for a few minutes and my expectations are rising.   I am looking at the menu and they have all these sandwiches, wraps, salads, and it all looks good.

Like Chik-fil-a good.

I look at the time and realize that the mall is closing in about 30 mins, so now I understand.  They are getting ready to close and and I am that last pesky-ask-for-extra-this-and-more-napkins- jerk.

She returns with a to go box and is preparing my drink and I pick a sauce (their hottest – I like to live on the edge) and she gives a friendly thank you and smile.   I am on my way.

I get to the car and unwrap this and I am not shocked or surprised.   The food looked just like the picture.  Hot and Fresh.   Thick and juicy tenders.   A flavorful hot sauce.  Thick cut fries.

Why have I not been coming here every day?  Oh that’s right I never go to GMM.

So I have LEGO to thank for this because these were seasoned just right and were awesome.  The only bad thing about the meal was the toast.   It tasted a bit stale so I threw it out, but otherwise – this is probably the best Food Court meal I have had in years!


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