4 Jul

Several things happen here in the DFW for the JFC—

ONE: I stay away from the malls and shopping centers at all costs. With all those kids being out of school they have nothing to do but hang out at the mall and get in my way.

And ask me if I have a cigarette OR ask me if I will buy them beer.

I am out of school. Have been for a few years. Why can’t we get ALL YEAR SCHOOL NOW THAT I AM DONE?!?!?!

TWO:   The main thing that happens is that I drink my bodyweight in soda pop thanks in part to the kind folks that put them sodie-pops on sale for ridiculous prices.

49 cents for a 32oz fountain drink is CRAZY-INSANE !!!!!

And with the large variety available at these stores – you can always find your favorite.

OR….OR…you can even make a kick-ass SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(note) – for those of you that have no idea what I am talking about – when you get a fountain drink and mix all the flavors together in one cup….it’s called a “suicide”.

Hit the right combo and you got a yummy and unique taste explosion!!


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