What is the McProblem???

1 Jul

I guess it was a year ago that Mickey D’s introduced the Spicy Chicken McBites.

I tried them and I loved them. Especially with the Buffalo sauce. Together it’s like portable boneless wings. Ready at an instant at any golden arches.

AND—- just like every damn thing I write about or love at these places – they discontinue them.

Well I have bitched, tweeted, and send Ronald notes that he was making a huge McStake.

I mean honestly, I don’t go to the arches for burgers. In fact it was the smoothies and now the McBites that brought me back on a semi-regular basis.

I can guess that maybe since these are not made in-house that it’s kinda like the McRib- they buy it for the summer or whenever it’s cheap and roll it out.

I think this is a wrong move because they obviously sell well. These aren’t weird chicken nuggets, this is chicken breast meat here.

So I am tellin’ ya Ron….tell the boardroom to stop clownin’ around and put these on the menu. Full time.


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