TASTE TEST: BK Sweet Potato Fries

18 Jun

The level of pressure on fast food joints to come up with something new and exciting is at an all time high.

Every summer now, we are treated to new and limited offerings.

I think Burger King did something smart here.  They didn’t just come out with new summer menu items.  They are using a theme that falls right in line with their food.

The summer BBQ.    In addition to special burgers and the bacon sundae I already reviewed.. comes Sweet Potato Fries.

I thought this interesting because it’s the new trend.  EVERY burger joint that considers itself trendy is offering them.  This is funny to me because when I lived in Vegas, there was this great place there and that was the first time I ever saw or heard of them being offered.   They were fantastic.  Flash forward to now and they are everywhere.

Which is also a repeatedly interesting and funny thing to me about the food business.   It can take a year to get from concept to drive-thru and most of the time the trend is over by the time it hits your favorite place.

Remember a couple of years back when every place had a chipotle something-or-other?

I do think that sweet potato fries aren’t as trendy as a sauce.   I genuinely enjoyed these.  They were crisp, hot, and tender on the insider.  Perfect.   I have had SWF at alot of places, and these are just as good as alot of gourmet burger places popping up.

I can see these sticking around for awhile after the summer.

But then again I liked the BK ribs….whadda-ya-mean you don”t remember that?


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