TASTE TEST: BK Bacon Sundae

15 Jun

The following just happened:

ME: …and I would like to try one of your new Bacon Sundaes.


ME: I want to also get one of your new Bacon Sundaes, please.

DTP: What’s that?

ME: It’s a sundae with bacon on top. I heard it was new on your menu. Do you have those?

DTP: Naw….we ain’t got no sundaes made out of bacon.

ME: okay then…

(long pause)

DTP: wait a minute. He said we do.

ME: Oh great! I want to add that to my order, and that’s all.

DTP: …no…but the sweet potato fries on there….and then take that off too….hey…how do I?……

ME: I’m sorry?

DTP: Oh not you. You done.

ME: Okie Dokie.

That was the exchange at the Drive-Thru. When I roll up to the window, I notice the person that took my order is wearing a MANAGERS uniform. So I found it ODD that one of the managers didn’t even know their own menu and had to be told by another employee what was going on.

But I digress….

Burger King is on a revamp rampage right now. This summer they are rolling out at least half a dozen new items in a SUMMER BBQ campaign.

Today – it’s the much hyped BACON SUNDAE.

A few months ago I suffered through the Jack-in-the-Box Bacon Shake.    While I am thinking about it…. You can even hear the radio interview I did about the shake– here.  So you can imagine I wasn’t that excited to try the sundae.  No matter who made it.

I was WRONG.  The BK sundae is quirky, full of flavor, and actually a pretty good deal price wise.

For 2.49 you get a pretty HEFTY sundae here. If you have ever had the sundae from McDonald’s, the BK one feels almost twice as big.

It’s a solid amount of soft serve ice cream with drizzles of caramel and chocolate fudge.

Then here comes the bacon. It would be easy to just get some pre-cooked Bacon Bits type sprinkles and just shake that on there.

OH no….not at the BK. You can see from the pictures that these are bacon pieces broken up and scattered on top. So it’s REAL BACON.


I feel as though I have a SLIGHT advantage here over the average customer. There is a candy maker that makes a chocolate bar with bacon chunks in it. Figured it would be gross -it was just my brain that objected because my taste buds loved it. It was fun. It was different. It was a taste combo I have never had before.

Think about that. How often do you get the chance to taste something new?

I think BK was very SMART here mixing the bacon with the type of chocolate and caramel. It creates a very nice sweet and savory tumble of flavors in your mouth.

Don’t get me wrong. I did have a couple of bites where all I got was bacon and soft serve. Those are when the bacon stands out against the cream and startles me.

So when you get it, make sure every bite has all flavors on that spoon. You want the full band here. Not just the bacon solo.

Again – this thing has a little heft to it. It’s not enormous, but it’s more than enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

And I still stick by my number one rule of bacon…so remember it when you are eating this:

Nothing burps like bacon.


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