TASTE TEST: BK new Chicken Strips

18 May

  As part of Burger King’s new menu items, they have new chicken strips.   When done right, chicken strips are the perfect finger food.   Crispy and sometimes crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.  I have always been a fan of BK’s burgers, but the chicken has always left me cold.  

Tenders, nuggets, sandwiches…I would always pass them up in favor of a burger.   

BUT…with a new menu…comes new opportunity.   So I have tried them several times as of this writing.  

I want to like them.  I REALLY do.  But there is some inconsistency that I can’t deny. 

If you read this blog on the reg….and why don’t you?… then you already know that I absolutely LOVE one of the sauces you can get with these strips.

THE ROASTED JALAPENO BBQ SAUCE is prolly the best side sauce I have ever had from a fast food joint.  No doubt. 

ok ok.  Back to the strips.   When they are hot and fresh they are actually pretty good.   They are tender and crispy.   

BUT – three out of the four times I have had these, they tasted rubbery and barely warm.   Like they were cooked then set aside and briefly reheated as I sat waiting in the drive-thru.    That batter/coating covering the chicken goes from being crunchy to crumbly and dry.       

 This is where that bad ass sauce comes into play because it has saved the day each time.   It’s so rich and tasty that I can almost forgive the dried and cold strips.   Almost.  Just ask for fresh ones and you are good to  go!





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