TASTE TEST: McD’s Cherry Berry Chiller

7 May

McDonald’s has totally frustrated me with the Chicken McBites. I loved’em. They discontinued them.

One of the other things I love – that they DO still have (amazing yes) is their Pineapple-Mango smoothie. It’s tangy and fresh and yummy.

So today I am craving something salty. A small order of those McDonald’s fries sounds like it would hit the spot. In the drive thru I notice another new limited item.

The Cherry Berry Chiller !!!!

Truth be told, I didn’t taste much berry in this. It felt more like cherry juice that was whipped up into a smoothie on it’s own.

I would have it again if they got rid of the Mango one I normally order.

Don’tcha just love how all these places are rolling out limited stuff, like…every six weeks now?

I bet the meetings behind the scenes are crazy trying to come up with these new items!!!

Enjoy it while it lasts.


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