TASTE TEST: Whatachick’n Nuggets

5 May

Ahhhhh Whataburger.    How you have slayed me with your yum-yum offerings over the years.   You are the only joint I know that can make everyone in my car fight over the last “tub” of ketchup. 

SIDENOTE– if you don’t know from Whataburger Ketchup….click here and see why it changed Heinz mind on things.

The banana shakes and pies.   The FAJITA TACO…. you have been batting a 1000.   

Enter now – the Whatachickn Nuggets.     Think the delicious Whatachickn sammie….but only in nugget form because that is exactly what it is.   Fat plumps of juicy all white chicken in that old fashioned breading.  Throw in those killer fries and some Texas Toast and you have a great new combo on the menu. 

Not sure how long these will last, maybe just for the summer, so grab’em soon!

Oh…and the sauce?   They have a couple to choose from, and you are gonna want to snag the HONEY BBQ.  It’s bold and tangy and slightly sweet. 

Whata-is-awesome (sorry, had to) about the sauce is the GIANORMOUS tub they give you.   It’s more than enough to dunk those babies.  Nothing worse than running out of sauce.  No worries here.  They gotcha covered.


Now if only Whataburger would bring back the PINEAPPLE PIE, I would love them forever.  Or at least for the rest of the summer.


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