I hate it when I’m right

4 May

I always judge a sandwich shop by their “hot” sandwiches.

Anyone can throw some cold cuts on some bread.

To me, if you can make a kick ass HOT sandwich, you are on your way to having something good going.

Quizno’s – a few years ago used to have a meatball sandwich I liked. It was the sandwich that got me hooked on them.

AND OF COURSE – if you read this blog you know by now- If I LOVE something it gets cancelled or discontinued.

So flash forward to now.

My latest trip to Quizno’s I see they have a handful of new items.

One of them is MEATBALL SLIDERS that come in singles or two-packs.


It’s very filling, so don’t let the slightly small size fool ya. These ARE sliders after all.

They come standard –Meatball, sauce, and cheese. I am sure you can dress them up anyway you like but I love’em as is.

I am very glad to see that Quizno’s see things my way and has brought the meatball back. Not only as just a regular sandwich, but in these killer sliders.



One Response to “I hate it when I’m right”

  1. Drive Thru Guy May 7, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    Meatball sandwiches kick ass!

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