TASTE TEST: Mazzio’s Cheezzy Cheese Bread

26 Apr

Full disclaimer. I absolutely adore Mazzio’s .

The place is loaded with fantastic memories and the pizza is always kick ass.

My last trip I noticed something new on the menu.


I was expecting what you would get at any other pizza place. Basically pizza dough with some cheese on it.

What you see above, and arrived at the table was a MASSIVE loaf of the cheesiest bread I have ever had. Cheese on top, cheese cooked in the loaf (I hear domino’s does this as well).

By the time the pizza slid onto the table, there was still a ton of this loaf left. So with great joy, I ate Mazzio’s for the next three meals. It was heaven.

I think it’s for a limited time, so if you are near Mazzio’s (I’m jealous) then you are in for a great treat with that monster!


One Response to “TASTE TEST: Mazzio’s Cheezzy Cheese Bread”

  1. julie selby May 24, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Hi, my name is Julie Selby. I just wanted to say thank you for the nice write up about Mazzio’s on your blog. My father, Ken Selby, started Ken’s Pizza (which he eventually changed the name to Mazzio’s) in 1961. My dad recently passed away on his birthday, May 12, 2012 due to complications from lung cancer. When we were in Rochester at Mayo, he read your article and was very pleased. I have 4 brothers and sisters, we all work for the family business and are very proud and excited when we read great things about this great company that my dad created from the ground up. Thank you for your kind words and business!

    Being a total foodie (and chef), I love your blog! I had recently signed up for Google alerts and that’s how I found your write up. You should try our other brand, Oliveto Italian Bistro;)

    Thank you again! Sincerely, Julie Selby

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