15 Apr

Now this is EXACTLY what I was talking about!!!!!

If you keep up with this blog (and if you don’t I will not invite you to my party) I felt sorta tricked by the whole “Candy Haven” concept in Denton.

Well on a tip from a fan, I was informed that in Carrollton, there is this lovely little sweet shop called BLOOMS.

This place is alot like The Soday Gallery in The Bishop Arts District…except the photo negative in terms of inventory.

Soda Gallery has a ton of sodas and a few candies and treats.

BLOOMS has a TON of candies and treats and a pretty damn good selection of sodas (albeit a smaller selection…but they have all the faves…and some hard to find ones that Soda Gallery doesn’t carry!)

This place is FANTASTIC and jammed pack with cool stuff. As you can see from the pic, these people know their candybars and other things.

Anything from the classic Hot Dog gum to Zagnut bars.

They even carry the replacement for my beloved MARATHON bar……oh……yeah.

It’s located on Main St. in Carrollton, so go and check it out. I guarantee you will leave with a fat sack of sweets.

And ….another heavier sack of bad ass sodas!


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