2 Apr

Driving through Denton the other day and I passed a sign that read CANDY HAVEN.

I immediately got excited and started ramping up my expectations.

I was thinking some place kooky and funky. Kinda like the Soda Gallery in the Bishop Arts area.

Some place I could spend an hour and all my allowance on FUN-DIP….Bubble Gum Cigarettes….Bubble Burgers….SPREE….

…..and it’s nothing like I imagined.

It turns out, the “CANDY HAVEN” is part of a larger building. The entire facility is actually a bakery. They make amazing looking baked goods. The pic above shows you their candy counter – which is full of chocoloate covered things like truffles, strawberries, etc….

As I looked around, I noticed they also sell gummi bears and M & M’s and a few other candies by the weight like you would find in your local grocery.

I felt sort of let down. Don’t get me wrong. I love chocolate and they serve up delicious items.

But as someone who had no idea what he was getting into, CANDY HAVEN seems like a misleading name.

I still encourage you to try them. I bet their cakes taste amazing as well. Just don’t go there expecting a candy shop filled with all the old favorites you grew up with.


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