TASTE TEST: Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco

20 Mar
dorito taco by Junk Food Critic

It all seems so simple that you can’t understand why they didn’t do it a million years ago.

I mean look at that picture. Isn’t it sexy?

As far as marketing, product placement and just the whole idea is very very clever.

I can’t deny that. The ad campaign for this has been so pervasive that it has everyone talking about it.

I have heard about this from more potheads than I care to admit. The most popular quote being…. “Da’Bell…and Doritos??!?!…whoa….”

whoa indeed.

The funny thing is, here in Dallas, we have had this taco already, as it was tested here at least a year ago.

It sucked. It was barely orange and had just a hint of the TRUE Dorito Nacho Cheese flavor.

As clever as this is, I can’t help but think it does two things:

ONE: it makes one company look smart by tagging up with a giant brand and elevating both their profiles.


TWO: it makes the other company look like it’s grasping at straws by piggy-backing on the more successful brand. Making the bigger brand look kinda silly.

Now the question is, which is which?

Personally I think DORITOS is the bigger brand here. I mean who doesn’t know Doritos? GOD knows how many days of orange fingerprints and stank ‘rito breath I have had in my lifetime.

TACO BELL on the other hand…for me anyway..has always been sorta “meh” to me.

I KNOW there are true and devoted fans out there and I have nothing against you or your precious BELL. It’s just not my style.

In my area, we are dominated by the TACOS: Bell, Bueno, and Cabana. I have made it known and it’s no secret that I am all over the CABANA. It’s just a preference.

Other than the novelty of the shell, it’s not like the Taco Bell taco itself has changed. It’s still the same ingredients that make for a sub par (in my opinion) product.

To me, this would be like Del Frisco’s Steakhouse deciding to sell a “McSteak” sandwich through McDonalds.


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