Making a McStake

23 Feb
chicken bites by Junk Food Critic
chicken bites, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

So everyone is giving up things for LENT. Most people I know are giving up fast food or booze.

McDonald’s (all restaurants in general) have been pretty shrewd about the whole idea of LENT.

Back in the day, alot of people would give up MEAT. So you would see a HUGE rise in fish sales and consumption.

This is why Wendy’s and McDonald’s are pushing their FISH items pretty hard.

I have little to no interest in Mickey D’s new FISH McBites. Fast Fish Food is rarely good in my humble opinion.

So I was kinda shocked today when I went to McD’s to get a snack….

If you have read this blog at all, you might have seen my other post about how I gave up McDonald’s for a year. No problem. After that year was over I found I could pretty much get along without the golden arches…..But I discovered two things that keep me coming back…..the smoothies and the Chicken McBites.

…so….as LENT arrives, I am having chicken. Which shouldn’t be a problem….

EXCEPT… I am told at the drive thru that NOW McDonald’s only carries FISH McBites. I ask if this is due to LENT and I am told by the manager that Mickey D’s have discontinued the Chicken McBites.

This is a HUGE McStake and has cost them my business three times so far.

I hope this location was just misinformed, and that those Chicken McBites find their way back soon.
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