20 Feb
wingstop by Junk Food Critic

The good LORD knows I loves me some chicken wings. LOVES. ME. SOME. CHICKEN. WINGS.

It dawned on me this weekend, that as much as I have had them, I have never actually reviewed them. Officially. So here goes.

The very first time I tried Wingstop, I wasn’t really a fan. The chicken wings themselves were kind of small, and having sugar as part of the seasoning on the fries threw me off. I was also not a fan of their “Original Hot” flavor.

Back then I was also living a few miles from WINGS TO GO. It’s a smaller company, and their wings are HUGE. The chicken tenders are SUPER HUGE. Their sauces were a little on the thin side…but GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY were they HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!

So, it was just a matter of convienence and Wings To Go was super easy.

Well, like most things I love dearly….just about every damn location in the DFW folded. I have no idea why. I can only assume it was because they were going broke giving such huge portions at cheap prices.

So there I was. Adrift. Without a port of chicken to call my own. Then I noticed an expansion of Wingstop in my area. They were popping up everywhere.

I was lamenting to a friend and fellow wing lover, when they suggested we go to a Wingstop and get reacquainted because I had been to harsh on this great place. I reluctantly agreed.

I even let my friend order for the both of us. And what they set in motion that day, has turned into a TORRID and TASTY love affair.

I was introduced to LEMON PEPPER wings. These things are savory and tender and kick ass. I could eat these any time of the day, everyday of my life. They are that damn good.

Next to the Lemon Pepper (I was given a split order – two sauces) there were these dark orange-almost-red-wings.

Ladies and Gentlemen I have met the ATOMIC wing and I bow to it’s wisdom, bravado, and all around sassiness. These damn things are HOT. Actually they are more like HAWT.

So now my ritual (complete with those sugar fries that I now love as well) is to delve into delicious, yummy Lemon Pepper, and then spend the rest of the trip dripping from my eyes and nose because the Atomics are wrecking my sinuses. Trust me kids, it’s a burn that is gonna linger.

Every time I order Atomic, they always ask “Have you had these before” because ATOMIC is NO JOKE. So I nod and inform them that I am well versed in things Atomic.

AND I LOVE IT. I can’t stop eating either flavor.

So there you have it. I love me some Wingstop. If you haven’t tried them, shame on you.

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